Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chartreuse Product Review & Giveaway

Chartreuse products are high quality products that come to you attractively packaged and they really work! The products are also earth friendly!

Sarah with Chartreuse, send me some incredible items to review.
She sent me a fantastic facial cleanser set as well as some laundry soap nuts to review.

I know your thinking, "laundry soap nuts"? 
I was a little curious too, thats why I was super excited to get to try them out! I mean, how can a couple of nuts clean your clothes? :)

As you can see, they really are nuts! 
To use them, you just place them in the little cinch bag and soak them in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes to soften them (only do this for the first use). Then just throw the pouch into the wash with your laundry instead of detergent! If you use them with cold water you can reuse them about 5 to 7 times.
After my clothes finished, I threw them in the dryer. I couldn't wait to see how they would turn out!
Once the dryer stopped, I took them out. I was amazed at how soft the clothes were! They also had a very light clean smell :) These are also safe for those with nut allergies!
The soap nuts actually come from the Soapberry tree that contains saponin, a natural detergent!

You can check out this site to see the many other amazing uses for the soap nuts

I also had the opportunity to review a facial cleansing set
The first thing I noticed about this set was that it was organic! 
I've never tried out an organic face wash set so I was instantly curious as to how it would do!
When I used the cleanser, it some what reminded me of clay. It was a gray color instead of a clear or white substance. I gently applied it and rinsed it off. Next was the toner. Now usually when I use a facial cleanser and then use a toner, I'm taken away by how much foundation still comes off when you use the toner. Well I was absolutely amazed at how after using the toner, there was NO brown from my foundation! I was so stunned! All that was on the cotton ball was gray (oils), which is how it should be! 
After that, I used the moisturizer. I was a little nervous about that because I usually don't use it. Every brand I've tried has left my face icky and oily when I got up in the morning and even broken out!
I noticed that unlike most moisturizers that are like a lotion, this was a thick cream in a little tub. I rub just a small amount all over my face. I was amazed to find that in the morning, there were no new breakouts or any excess oils! Just smooth skin!
Last night I finally got around to trying out the clay mask. I love the mask step :)
I love how super soft and smooth my skin feels. That exactly how I felt after trying this one out! But it felt even better to me knowing that it was something that was so natural and good for your skin!

Want Your Own products from Chartreuse?

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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